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We now offer a range of exciting beauty treatments

Each woman is treated to her very own custom-designed solution (anti-aging, radiance firmness and more).  Matis exclusive professional formulas combined with signature massages and techniques are moments of pure well-being, designed to enhance, highlight and magnify your innate beauty for immediately visible results.  Each solution is structured in three stages: Introduction and preparation; personalisation and relaxation; finalisation and prescription.
More than just skincare


Matis Facials

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Waxing - Face and Body


With permanent cosmetics, lips can be made to look fuller and pale lips can have more colour.  The procedure helps to balance uneven lips and can be used to redefine a lip line that has lost its definition.


Dramatic colours, can be applied if desired, or a soft shade close to natural lip colour for those wanting a more natural effect.

Semi Permanent Lip Treatment


Semi Permanent Eyeliner Treatment.jpeg

Eyeliner can make a small eye look bigger and make the lashes look thicker and longer.  It can also emphasise your natural eye colour by utilising the wide range of colours available to match your eye tones.

Combined together, this gives the eye a more open appearance, enhancing a beautiful feature 24/7.


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